Top 8 Features in Luxury Homes

Several features set luxury real estate apart from other properties. Luxury homes are in the highest value tier in their area. They are larger than other homes, made from higher-end materials and tend to be located in the most desirable areas. People hoping to buy luxury properties also tend to look for certain amenities that aren’t found as often in other homes on the market. Luxury home features make a property more comfortable, safer, and enjoyable to live in. Although trends come and go, the following luxury features constantly remain in demand:

1. Smart Appliances

Today’s luxury home is also smart. Buyers want appliances and technology that do the work for them. Smart features in demand include lights that turn on and off at the appropriate time and dim or brighten on command. Smart thermostats are also popular, as they learn a homeowner’s habits and help reduce energy use and costs.

Smart home technology can also integrate into a home’s security system. Luxury homeowners appreciate being able to check on their property status when they are traveling or at work through internet-connected cameras. Smart home security technology also makes it possible for a homeowner to communicate with a delivery driver or service technician from a distance.

Additional examples of smart appliances that appeal to luxury homeowners and buyers include:

  • Smart refrigerators
  • Smart window treatments
  • Smart speakers or stereo systems
  • Motion-sensor lighting

2. Fitness Room

Many people have started building at-home fitness areas for a convenient gym experience. In a luxury home, a separate room for fitness and exercise is now a must-have. An in-home fitness room can have everything a gym has, such as an exercise bike or treadmill, mirrors on the wall, mats on the floor and a set of weights. It also offers something a gym can’t — complete privacy. You can choose to work out on your own, follow along with a live-streamed video or hire a private personal trainer to help you get in shape, all from the comfort of your home.

3. Spa-Like Bathroom

No luxury home is complete without at least one bathroom that’s fit for a spa. The features included in a luxurious bathroom can vary from home to home, but they generally include heated flooring, high-end materials such as stone, tile, or marble, and soaking tubs. The shower in a spa bathroom might have a rainhead, and the windows in the room should let in plenty of natural light.

Small touches can contribute to the atmosphere of the space. For example, a beautiful chandelier can elevate the appearance of the bathroom. Wooden furniture and stone countertops add a calming, organic touch. The spa bathroom should be a place where a person can wash or soak away any cares and stresses of their day.

4. Outdoor Kitchen and Living Area

When it’s beautiful outside, it’s wonderful to spend time relaxing in the yard or entertaining guests on a patio. Outdoor living areas, including outdoor kitchens, are popular amenities in luxury homes. Having an outdoor living area can create a home away from home vibe, even though the space is on the same property.

Homeowners can choose a theme for their outdoor living area, such as a pizza kitchen complete with a brick oven or an outdoor bar with a full drinks station. One way to elevate the outdoor area is to install a fire pit. The fire pit extends the space’s useable life, making it comfortable and cozy even on chilly evenings.

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5. Residential Elevator

Comfort and convenience are key features of luxury homes, and residential elevators provide both. Whether your home is two or three stories, or more, installing an elevator can help you move from floor to floor with ease. Luxury home elevators are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, so it’s possible to choose one that matches your home’s overall aesthetic.

A residential elevator can increase the value of your home by making the property more appealing to buyers. Buyers with limited mobility are looking for features that can help them live in and navigate their homes fully. An elevator can also make a luxury home more appealing to people looking to age in place.

6. Walk-In Closets and Dressing Areas

Storage space is in demand, and a walk-in closet is just one example of a storage area that luxury homebuyers want. Walk-in closets can range in size from small rooms attached to the primary bedroom to separate, bedroom-sized areas complete with ceiling-to-floor mirrors, seating areas and a storage island in the middle. Often, the bigger the walk-in closet, the better. Some must-have features include:

  • Shoe storage
  • A safe
  • Vanity area with lighted mirror
  • Beverage station for coffee and tea
  • Storage island with charging station
  • Seating
  • Elegant Lighting

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7. Restaurant-Quality Kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms that are most likely to help a home sell. A kitchen needs to have commercial-quality appliances in a luxury home, such as a six-burner gas stove. It also must have the best materials to stand out, such as granite or stone countertops. A top-of-the-line kitchen looks lovely and performs better than a standard kitchen. High-end appliances keep food at the correct temperature and heat food more efficiently than standard appliances.

Some of the features of a restaurant-quality kitchen aren’t found in standard kitchens. A high-end kitchen will have warming drawers to keep food at the right temperature before it’s served. It may have a wine refrigerator to keep bottles at the correct temperature. It might also have double ovens to make it easier to cook meals for large parties. Large islands provide plenty of counter space for food prep and storage space for kitchen gear.

8. Entertainment and Recreation Area

Many luxury homes come equipped with entertainment or recreation rooms that make staying at home just as fun as going out. The entertainment area can feature a projection screen for showing movies and watching TV or a large flat-screen television. Surround sound speakers are a must. Depending on the homeowner’s tastes, the room can have gaming equipment, such as video game consoles and comfortable gaming chairs, or gaming tables such as a billiards table, pingpong table or foosball table.

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Updating your home to include some of the more popular luxury home items can increase your property’s value. Luxury home features also make your home a better place for you to live. If you’re interested in installing an elevator to increase comfort and convenience in your home, Inclinator can help. Find an Inclinator dealer near you to learn more about installing or retrofitting a residential elevator today.

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