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Inclinator was founded almost a century ago on helping a neighbor in need and our commitment to serving every customer in this capacity has not wavered. Our family owned business is dedicated to providing you with convenience and mobility in your home. Our caring team is committed to manufacturing safe elevators that are built to last.

Each elevator is designed and tested to meet or exceed the latest revision of the international safety standard for residential elevators - ASME A17.3 2016. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. We look forward to earning your business!

Accredited Home Elevators from Inclinator

Inclinator delivers with the safest, most reliable residential elevators in the industry, custom-designed to fit unique spaces with an advanced degree of precision. We brought the first elevators to homes across the United States and have served customers like you for over 95 years. Today, we can provide an American-built elevator to your home that you'll take pride in for years to come.

When you order an Inclinator elevator for your home, we will ensure it meets your preferences. A home elevator offers many conveniences and can also increase your home's value. If you need to sell your house in the future, you'll open it up to a larger market that includes people with mobility needs.

Every Inclinator home elevator is skillfully crafted and finished one-at-a-time, making customization easy and worry-free. Elevators for homes are a sound investment, as the increase in your home's value often exceeds the cost of adding a home elevator. Plus, when it's time to sell your home, having a home elevator means you'll sell it to a much larger market! You can create a more flexible and mobile future for yourself through your investment in an Inclinator Elevette®. Discover why our customers consider it the most reliable, safe and customizable elevator on the market.

Invest in Inclinator's Elevette® - the most customizable and reliable home elevator on the market today!

Step into the future with more flexibility, ease and mobility than you ever thought possible!

Homeowners appreciate Inclinator's beauty and reliable performance.

woman in home elevator surrounded by glass

Architects love the nearly endless design possibilities.

Five Easy Steps For a More Accessible Future

The versatility of Inclinator residential elevators lets you add one to your existing house or include it in new construction plans. Our engineering gives you the deepest and widest elevator possible compared to other manufacturer models in the same shaft size. If you require a smaller option, our compact personal elevators can fit in a space the size of a standard closet — giving you a cost-effective solution.

You select the style and system specifications to best meet your needs, and our team will build and install your home elevator. Let our dealers guide you through the process, assisting with every detail from price questions to ordering, and dimension planning to installation!

1. Contact Local Dealer
2. Select Drive System
3. Design Your Cab Style
4. Select Your Gates & Doors
5. Receive Drawings for Approval

Step 1 - Contact Your Local Dealer and Set-Up Onsite Consultation:

All Inclinator dealers share our core values of safety, reliability and dedication to your specific needs. Every dealer is intimately connected with our home elevator manufacturing process from start to finish. Dealer technicians are factory-trained on installing Inclinator home elevators based on our superior quality standards. In addition to home elevator installation, our dealers are authorized to perform top-quality service and repair of your Inclinator personal home elevator. Find your local Inclinator dealer today.

Step 2 - Select Your Drive System:

All of our drive systems are compatible with all elevator cab styles.

Elevette® Cable Drum

Cable drum drive systems allow for compact elevator design for your home. Our cable drum system has a monorail guide that moves your elevator up to six landings and 50 vertical feet. It can accommodate a small cab size of up to 12 sq. ft. or a larger cab up to 15 sq. ft. And has a capacity of up to 1,000 lb.

Elevette® Hydraulic

A hydraulic drive system from Inclinator offers a smooth and quiet ride. Our patented HydraRide system uses less hydraulic fluid than other models on the market, making it an economical choice. Our hydraulic drive system has a capacity of up to 1,000 lb. and 15 sq. ft. cab size, and can accommodate up to six landings.

Elevette® MRL Overhead Cable Drum

MRL, or "machine roomless," overhead cable drum systems operate above the cab in the shaftway. Instead of requiring a machine room, they use overhead space, making them more suitable for certain constructions. Our MRL overhead cable drum systems can travel up to 40 vertical feet and work with up to six landings. And has a capacity of up to 1,000 lb.

Step 3 - Select Your Cab Style:

Our Elevette®® personal residential elevators are available in five standard cab styles or any custom design you can imagine! Each option has openings on one or two sides and code-compliant safety features. We ensure that you receive aesthetic and practical benefits from each of our cab models.

cab style 500

500 Cab

Modern refinement through a powder-coated aluminum frame and acrylic panels.

cab style 400

400 Cab

The rich look of solid wood paneling, trim and molding for a timeless appearance.

cab style 300

300 Cab

Smooth hardwood veneer features in the elevator walls with elegant baseboard molding.

cab style 250

250 Cab

Walls made with smooth hardwood veneer with square, flush corners for a clean look and feel

cab style 200

200 Cab

Hardwood veneer walls with square corners for a clean look and feel.

cab style 100

100 Cab

Simple styling with smooth, ready-to-paint walls.

Step 4 - Select Your Gates & Doors

You can customize your elevator cab to have entrances on one or two sides. Inclinator provides far more configurations than competitors, with 18 options. Choose from one of two gate types:

gate styles

Accordion Gates

Have an economical price point and feature a variety of design styles. Our accordion home elevator doors can have materials such as vinyl laminate, hardwood finishes, vision panels and aluminum. The fold gate frame can come in bronze or nickel metal.

Collapsible Aluminum Gates

Offer a timeless design and a sleek aesthetic. You may purchase them in brushed stainless steel or oil rubbed bronze metal.

Step 5 - Inclinator Provides Hoistway and Elevator Drawing to Dealer for Approval

In the final step of the process, Inclinator provides the hoistway and elevator drawings to your local dealer for approval prior to installing your home elevator. By providing these details to your dealer through this quality assurance process, Inclinator is able to ensure that all measurements, specifications, and safety guidelines are met, giving you the comfort you need before making this enhancement to your home.

Personal Customizable Home Elevators

Configure your personal elevator cab to match your decor with virtually endless options for:

At Inclinator, you can personalize many aspects of your elevator's appearance. Match your design elements to the rest of your home or create a brand new, unique space.

Home Elevator FAQs

How Much Does a Home Elevator Cost?

Because home elevators are highly customizable, they are available in a wide range of price points. The price of your home elevator depends on many factors, including:

Contact us today to get a quote on your custom home elevator!

Do Your Elevators Fit Wheelchairs?

Yes, one of the reasons to consider installing a home elevator is because of the accessibility they provide. With a home elevator, individuals in wheelchairs can access every floor of their homes.

How Many Floors Can the Elevator Travel?

This answer depends on how tall each story of your home is and which drive system you select. Both the Elevette Cable Drum and the Elevette Hydraulic drive systems can travel 50 feet and stop at up to six landings Even if you have high 10-foot ceilings on every level of your home, elevators with these drive systems would still travel six stories. The Elevette MRL Overhead Cable Drum will travel 40 ft, but will still accommodate up to six landings.

How Much Space Will the Elevator Take Up?

Not all home elevators are one, standard size. This is one of the many aspects of your home elevator you can customize to an extent. Our cabs can be up to 15 square feet or more if allowed by code or can be smaller if you have space restrictions. A representative can help you prepare your home for an elevator. We’ll help you determine the appropriate dimensions for your home elevator to accommodate not only the cab but the elevator shaft as well.

How Much Weight Can the Elevator Hold?

Weight limits are important specifications to observe with your home elevator. Larger cab sizes can safely hold up to 1,000 lbs. A 500 lb capacity elevator can be no larger than 12 square feet.

What Happens if the Electricity Goes Out?

If your power goes out while you’re using your home elevator, there’s no reason to worry. You won’t become stuck or lose all your lighting. That’s because our home elevators include safety features such as backup lighting and backup battery power, which will kick in when your electricity fails. The elevator will automatically lower you safely to the bottom floor of your home.

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