Commercial Dumbwaiters

Providing Convenience & Safety for Employees - Stop carrying heavy or bulky items up and down stairs. Instead move products, supplies and equipment effortlessly, with a commercial dumbwaiter from Inclinator.

Commercial Dumbwaiters from Inclinator

Available in counter-loading or floor-loading models, our commercial dumbwaiters are the perfect companion in busy restaurant kitchens, hospital labs, medical facilities and even office buildings.

Key Benefits of a Commercial Dumbwaiter:

Specifications of Commercial Dumbwawtiers:

Inclinator's Dumbwaiters are Perfect for the Following Businesses:

Contact your local Inclinator dealer to learn more about the various applications that a commercial dumbwaiter can provide to your business.

Customize the Design of Your Commercial Dumbwaiter with Inclinator

Hoistway Doors

Cab Gates

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