Residential Dumbwaiters

Moving heavy items or groceries between floors can become inconvenient or difficult, especially when you need help with mobility. Inclinator's Homewaiter® dumbwaiter can carry your things for you to make this task safer and easier.

Find out why homeowners choose Inclinator as their residential dumbwaiter company!

residential dumbwaiters

Inclinator's Homewaiter® residential dumbwaiter is ideal for transporting groceries from garage to kitchen, laundry from bedrooms to the utility room, bottles and cases from/to a wine cellar, and hauling firewood from ground level to your living space. You'll love the convenience and time-saving features. It can save you time and reduce the risk of fall or injury. Use our custom home dumbwaiters for whatever purpose you imagine. You'll love the convenience and time-saving features, and you can feel confident about our residential dumbwaiter's safety and reliability.

Specifications for Residential Dumbwaiters:

Looking for more details? Our systems have the following dumbwaiter dimensions:

You can view our planning guides, specifications and drawings for even more information about the Homewaiter. These documents have the details you need for your next project or plan for your home.

The Applications of a Dumbwaiter Make Everyday Chores Safer and Easier

When you have specific mobility needs, you may need extra help moving items between your home's levels. A custom home dumbwaiter can make your home more accessible and give you the independence you need. It also simplifies chores for people who support you by helping them transport laundry, groceries and other objects. With a residential dumbwaiter, you can stop carrying heavy items up and down stairs. As a result, you can stay safe from muscle strain, collisions and falls.

A dumbwaiter in your home can help you easily transport:

Personalized for Your Home

We can build the Homewaiter in many custom sizes to suit your plans for your home. Our custom residential dumbwaiter can come in a size up to 24 cubic sq. in. It can travel up to 35 ft. and carry up to 120 lb. The dumbwaiter cab comes standard in painted steel, but you can also request stainless steel or wood veneer. You can add a Homewaiter to your existing house or include it in your new construction plans.

Matches Your Decor Style

customize your dumbwaiter to match your decor

With so many door options, you can give your custom home dumbwaiter a unique look and feel. Ask your builder to add a personalized swing door that matches the rest of your home's design. The Homewaiter can also work with commercial-grade swing and slide-up doors. Choose a variety of finishes for your dumbwaiter's collapsible cab gate, or buy it without a gate where allowed.

Has Built-In Versatility

Program as many as four stops, compatible with automatic controls from any floor. Operate your home dumbwaiter from any level you choose for the ultimate in convenience. Since it can have openings on up to three sides, you have the option to create a variety of opening styles on each level. It features an energy-efficient drive that works with a 120V current.

Ultimate Safety Features

Our custom home dumbwaiters are built for ultimate safety and peace of mind. Interlocking doors, manual lowering devices, emergency lighting systems, a phone and more all make residential dumbwaiter systems safe to use. You can also add custom features that make the dumbwaiter perfect for your home. Transporting heavy items around your house is a breeze with the Homewaiter.

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Designing an Accessible House With a Custom Home Dumbwaiter

At Inclinator, we offer a full line of home products that help people with mobility needs live independent lives. The Homewaiter saves more space than elevators and uses less energy. These benefits make having only a dumbwaiter in your home ideal when you need a little assistance with everyday living. However, you can make your home even more accessible with additional Inclinator products if you have more mobility needs. Consider pairing your dumbwaiter with:

Add an Elevette Home Elevator to your home in addition to your Homewaiter to become more independent in your everyday life.

Dumbwaiter Containing Groceries

Ready to build your custom dumbwaiter?

The complete Homewaiter system is built by Inclinator and sold through our network of dealers. Our representatives can help you select a Homewaiter that meets your needs and makes your life easier. We also work with architects and designers for remodels and new construction projects. Feel free to contact our team online for assistance with any of our products.

Need a larger size or additional weight capacity? Our commercial dumbwaiter designs come in sizes up to 36 cubic sq. in. and carry up to 500 lb.