7 Signs You Need a Residential Elevator

Adapting your home to your needs at every stage of life is essential. It’s important to make your home accessible to plan for now and the future. Improving your home accessibility with a residential elevator can provide various benefits in addition to convenience. You can increase your property value, feel more [...]

Home Investments That Help You Age in Place More Comfortably

For older adults or people with mobility issues who want to remain in their homes, certain circumstances sometimes prevent them from living comfortably or performing daily tasks efficiently. However, with smart investments, home modifications, use of available resources and careful [...]

3 Misconceptions About Home Elevators

Residential elevators are convenient home additions that improve mobility, increase resale value and enhance your interior. After learning about their practical and aesthetic benefits, you might want to install your own. Since a home elevator is a significant investment, educating yourself [...]

Elevator Controls

There are around 900,000 operating elevators in the United States today. Elevators have become an integral part of our society. Without elevators, we wouldn’t have the iconic skylines of cities like New York or Chicago. Elevators have transformed the architecture [...]

Top 11 Unique Elevators in the World

An elevator helps us get from point A to point B. It makes it easy to transport heavy objects from one floor to the next and helps people with limited mobility navigate spaces without using stairs. Although elevators are functional, [...]

8 Resources for Living Alone as a Senior

As people get older, they often have several decisions to make about their living situation. Some choose to downsize, moving into a smaller residence or from a multi-story home to a single-story home. Some move into independent or assisted living [...]

Safety Code For Elevators

Homeowners who are considering adding an elevator to their property can rest assured that there are safety standards in place to make residential elevators safer and minimize the risk of injury. The code is from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers [...]

Construction Loans

One of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant decrease in interest rates. In July 2020, mortgage interest rates dropped to less than 3% for the first time, encouraging many current homeowners to refinance their existing loans and spurring [...]

The Future of Elevators Post-COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, several unwritten rules applied when riding an elevator in a commercial building. It was polite to hold the doors if you saw someone running toward the elevator. The direction to face was toward the elevator doors, not [...]

Top 8 Features in Luxury Homes

Several features set luxury real estate apart from other properties. Luxury homes are in the highest value tier in their area. They are larger than other homes, made from higher-end materials and tend to be located in the most desirable [...]