7 Signs You Need a Residential Elevator

Adapting your home to your needs at every stage of life is essential. It’s important to make your home accessible to plan for now and the future. Improving your home accessibility with a residential elevator can provide various benefits in addition to convenience. You can increase your property value, feel more secure, maintain your independence and age comfortably in your home.

You may want to determine whether a home elevator installation is the right choice for your home. It’s normal to take your time with this decision. This article will help you assess why an elevator may be the perfect addition to your home.

Should You Get a Home Elevator?

There are many factors to weigh when thinking about installing a home elevator. Assessing your immediate and future requirements — including your age and property value — can help you identify whether you should move forward with a residential elevator.

Signs That Your Home May Need a Residential Elevator

It’s important to make an informed decision about installing an elevator in your home. Here are seven signs that you may need a home elevator:

  1. You want peace of mind as you age: It’s a good idea to consider preparing your home for older age. Mobility concerns like instability while walking and falls are common as we age. You can also sustain unintentional injuries like bone fractures from falls. Fortunately, you can prevent falls and injuries by making your home more accessible. Installing a home elevator can help you efficiently access your home, limiting the risk of falls while walking up or down a flight of stairs.
  2. You want to make your home accessibilityfriendly: Stairs can be challenging for those who struggle with mobility or use a walking stick or a wheelchair. An elevator can be wheelchair-friendly and accessible for people with mobility needs.
  3. You want to enhance your property value: Home elevators are a beautiful and elegant addition to many homes. They come in various styles and designs, and you can customize features like cab styles and lighting. If you plan on selling your home, an elevator can offer an excellent selling point. With stylish, classic or modern designs and ease of accessibility, installing a home elevator can attract more interest and help you sell your home faster.
  4. You want to make a bold statement: If you aim to create a home that will impress your guests, installing an elevator can help you make a statement. An elevator can leave your guests in awe with glistening finishes like glass or accordion fold gates as well as hardwood walls, floors and ceilings. You can customize your elevator doors and walls with sleek cab operating panels and handrail finishes to provide an elegant, modern look to your home.
  5. You want to be independent: An elevator can help you maintain your independence and stay in your home even as you age. Many people choose to live in the comfort of their homes as they get older. With an elevator, you can access your home without assistance from others and feel secure with a code-generated access system. In turn, you can live comfortably in your home for as long as you choose.
  6. You want to maximize your space: You may want to enhance the space in your home or redesign your home, but you need more room to work with. Installing an elevator can free up space for various renovations or home improvements. Elevators come in customized shapes and sizes and can be installed into a shaft outside of your exterior wall or, in many cases, inside a stacked closet, effectively saving space.
  7. You want to make your home more comfortable: If you have a large house, tasks like carrying groceries or furniture from one floor to the other may be challenging with several flights of stairs. With an elevator, you can travel from the ground floor to various levels while carrying items comfortably. If you plan on moving, you can reduce the time and strain it takes to transport heavy furniture and appliances down the stairs.

Buy a Residential Elevator From An Authorized Dealer

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Where to Buy a Home Elevator

To ensure safety for everyone in your home, you want to buy a residential elevator that complies with codes specified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the governing body of mechanical regulations nationwide. It is recommended to only buy elevators from a company that complies with all updated National Safety Codes.

Buying a residential elevator from an authorized dealer in your area is essential. An authorized elevator dealer will offer an onsite consultation so you can inspect the design and safety features of the elevator before installing it.

How to Install a Home Elevator

Installing an elevator is a complex process that requires trained technicians. You must employ a professional construction company to build the hoistway only and work with authorized elevator technicians to install your home elevator. Choosing a customizable elevator can make it easier to build into your home design.

Consider the best location in your home for your elevator and decide which design options you prefer. You may also want to determine when you want installation to occur so the elevator manufacturers can preassemble and deliver your elevator to your home within the ideal timeframe. Authorized elevator installers are trained to install your elevators according to the highest quality standards.

Buy a Residential Elevator From Inclinator

Buy a Residential Elevator From an Inclinator Dealer

Inclinator dealers offer safe, customizable residential elevators for when you’re ready to install your elevator. Inclinator manufactures home elevators that fit your unique home design while complying with residential elevator safety codes. We believe in providing elevators that make it safe and convenient for every family member to access their homes.

Customize your elevator to fit your home and maintain your independence with an Inclinator residential elevator. Locate an Inclinator dealer in your area or contact us with any questions.

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