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Inclinator Status of Operation – Production Resumes March 30th:

I hope that you and your family are healthy. Inclinator has been working with the State of Pennsylvania to attain approval to re-open and have received authorization to do so starting Monday, March 30th. Our exemption approval is subject to continuance of and compliance with the social distancing and other mitigation measures to protect employees and the public, including virtual and telework operations (e.g. work from home) as the primary option when available. Our factory will re-open on Monday and most of our support staff will be working remotely for the time being. However, our factory must remain closed to the general public. The following modified hours of operation will remain in effect until further notice.

Hours of Operation:

Thank you for your business and your support as we work together thru this unprecedented time.

Cliff Warner
President and CEO
Inclinator Company of America

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