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America's favorite and most trusted residential elevator company understands the value of staying in your home - that's why Inclinator is the only residential elevator manufacturer that offers fully customizable personal elevator solutions to fit any space. Be in control of your lifestyle and quality of life with Inclinator, and enjoy many more years in your home.

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Add to an existing home or include in new construction. A home elevator only takes up the space of a standard closet. The cab can be placed in an elevator shaft. Shafts can be inside the home or outside.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Best residential elevators made in America

Daniel M.

They are totally dedicated to their customers, their communication is amazing, and they are so nice! We would definitely recommend Inclinator Company of America!

How 2 Media

We absolutely enjoy working with Inclinator! From their elevator production department to their parts department, they are always accommodating to our needs.

Marchal Stevenson

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About Inclinator

Our Long History of Excellence

Inclinator Company of America has been a leading home elevator manufacturer for nearly a century. The origin of our company dates back to 1923 when a Pennsylvania Cadillac dealer named C.C. Crispen was visiting a friend recovering from an illness. He got the idea to develop a moveable seat that could transport people up and down stairways. Five years later, he introduced the Elevette®, the first electric residential elevator. In the ensuing years, Inclinator Company of America has also become an innovative dumbwaiter manufacturer.

A Trusted Home Elevator Manufacturing Company

Over nearly 100 years in business, Inclinator Company of America has earned a reputation as a trustworthy residential elevator manufacturer that provides mobility and convenience to our customers. Quality is the cornerstone of our manufacturing process. We design and test every elevator and dumbwaiter to ensure they meet or exceed the latest industry standards. You will receive an elevator that's built to last.

We make safety a top priority. Our elevators include a host of standard and optional features such as code-compliant safety gates, full-time cab monitoring and door safety guards to protect you and your family members and minimize the risk of injuries. Combined with the solid construction and our exceptional craftsmanship, you can use Inclinator elevators with total confidence and peace of mind.

Choose From a Variety of Attractive Styles

A home elevator from Inclinator provides so much more than convenience, comfort and mobility. It will also enhance the aesthetics of your home. We offer residential elevators in a wide range of visually appealing cab styles. Whether you prefer the rich look of solid wood, a smooth hardwood veneer or a simpler design, you'll find the ideal style to complement your home's interior decor. Custom accessories and finishes are available to help you achieve the perfect appearance.

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Reliable Support From Our Dealer Network

Inclinator Company of America is a full-service home elevator manufacturing company that operates an extensive dealer network across the United States. These authorized dealers have the skill and expertise to install your new elevator quickly and safely. Their familiarity with our entire product line ensures the quality of the installation. In addition, our elevators arrive preassembled, which contributes to a faster, more efficient installation process.

Our dealers will also be there to provide timely repair and maintenance service to ensure your home elevator remains in optimal and safe operating condition. Annual inspection service is available to detect and troubleshoot any potential mechanical issues in the early stages. As a result, your home elevator will provide many years of reliable service.

Find an Inclinator Dealer Near You

Could you and your family benefit from the convenience, mobility and aesthetic value of a high-quality residential elevator? Inclinator Company of America, one of the nation's most trusted home elevator manufacturers, is ready to help. Find an authorized Inclinator dealer in your area today.



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