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Add to an existing home or include in new construction. A home elevator only takes up the space of a standard closet.

Five Easy Steps For a More Accessible Future

The versatility of Inclinator home elevators lets you add one to your existing house or include it in new construction plans. Our engineering gives you the deepest and widest elevator possible compared to other manufacturer models in the same shaft size. If you require a smaller option, our compact elevators can fit in a space the size of a standard closet — giving you a cost-effective solution. You select the style and system specifications to best meet your needs, and our team will build and install your home elevator. Let our dealers guide you through the process, assisting with every detail from price questions to ordering, and dimension planning to installation!  


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Customizable Home Elevators

Configure your elevator cab to match your decor with virtually endless options for:


Our wall finishes include hardwoods and exotic wood, and you can request unfinished walls for custom finishing.


Every Inclinator elevator has a commercial-grade laminate floor with a simulated wood finish or an unfinished floor for on-site flooring.


While the 100 cab has a white laminate ceiling, we can create a wood grain ceiling for the 200, 300 and 400 cabs to match their walls.


Choose a standard wood handrail or upgrade to a more ornate metal handrail.


Inclinator will install up to four LED lights and you are welcome to configure your own additional lighting.

Cab operating panels

Pick a flush or raised style for your operating panel and one of three metal finishes.

Ready to Install an at home elevator?

At Inclinator, you can personalize many aspects of your elevator’s appearance. Match your design elements to the rest of your home or create a brand new, unique space.

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