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Installing a residential elevator can make your home more accessible and allow you or your loved ones to age in place. If you’ve been hesitant to consider a home elevator because you aren’t sure how it will look or whether it will fit inside your home, you can rest easy. You have many options when it comes to the design and style of a residential elevator. It can blend into the background of your home, looking like just another closet or door, or if you prefer, the elevator can be a focal point of the room.

Inclinator residential elevators are available in several styles, designs and finishes. Use our home elevator design guide to create a residential elevator that matches your tastes and fits in well with the rest of your home.

Home Elevator Cab Styles

The elevator cab determines the overall aesthetic of your home elevator. Inclinator offers six cab styles to choose from, giving you plenty of options. Whether you prefer a more modern aesthetic or are in the market for something elegant and classic, here’s what you can choose from:

  • 100 Cab: The 100 Cab is our simplest design. It has a wood laminate floor and a white ceiling and the option to paint the interior walls any color you’d like.
  • 200 Cab: The 200 Cab design trades painted interior walls for wood-paneled walls. You can choose from eight wood species, including light and dark finishes, whichever best coordinates with the overall aesthetic of your home.
  • 250 Cab: The 250 Cab design is a Shaker-style cab, meaning it is made of solid wood and has veneer inserts for the finishes. The cab opens and closes with a vinyl accordion-style gate.
  • 300 Cab:  If you prefer an elegant look, the 300 Cab might be just right for you. It has wood paneling available in eight finishes and the option of adding moldings, such as a chair rail or picture frame. The flooring of the cab can be left unfinished so you can match it to your home’s existing flooring.
  • 400 Cab: The 400 Cab provides the most luxurious aesthetic of the bunch. It has solid wood walls with paneling, molding and trim. You can also install acrylic panels so you can see through the walls of the cab.
  • 500 Cab: The 500 Cab offers a sleek, modern aesthetic. Its aluminum frame can be silver, white or black, depending on what works with your home decor.

All six of our cab styles work with any type of drive system. Each style can open on one or two sides, depending on your needs.

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Home Elevator Finishes

The cab style is just part of the overall design of your residential elevator. The finishes you pick for the walls, floors and ceiling also affect how well they blend in with your home’s aesthetic and how well they match your taste.

  • Walls: The finish options for the elevator walls of your elevator depend on the cab style you choose. Many styles can be finished in the factory with hardwood or with exotic wood species. You can also leave the walls unfinished and paint them the color of your choosing.
  • Floors: Inclinator residential elevators include a laminate floor, available in five wood grain finishes. Some cab styles allow you to choose an unfinished floor, giving you the option of matching the floor of the cab to the floor in the rest of your home.
  • Ceilings: While the ceiling of the 100 Cab can’t be customized, the 200 Cab, 300 Cab and 400 Cab all have nine ceiling finish options that match or coordinate with the walls of the cab.

Home Elevator Accessories

The customization options for your residential elevator don’t end with the walls, floors and ceilings. You can also choose the style of the handrails, lights and operating panel to reflect the decor of your home and your taste.

  • Handrails: Handrail styles include a standard, flat style or rounded rail. The standard handrail can match the wood finish on the walls, while the round rail is available in three metal finishes: oil-rubbed bronze, brushed stainless and brushed brass.
  • Ceiling lights: Inclinator’s elevators come with two lights as standard, each with LED bulbs and the choice of a white acrylic finish or a white and painted bronze finish. You can increase the number of lights in the cab if you’d like.
  • Operating panels: The operating panels inside the cab and in the hall can be flush with the wall or raised. They are available in three finishes: oil-rubbed bronze, brushed stainless or brushed brass.

Home Elevator Door Design Options

Your home elevator needs a gate and door to operate safely. Inclinator has 18 gate configurations available, meaning you’ll be able to find an option that works with your needs and style. Your elevator can have a gate on one side or two sides. If it has a gate on two sides, the sides can be opposite each other or next to each other. Each elevator has an accordion fold gate that needs to be fully closed before the elevator will operate.

Design options for your home elevator door include:

  • Vinyl laminate, available in 16 finishes
  • Hardwood, available in six finishes
  • Acrylic, available in bronze or clear
  • Aluminum, available in gold, silver and bronze

The frame of the accordion gate can be one of two colors: nickel or bronze.

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A residential elevator doesn’t have to look out of place in your home. With so many design options to choose from, you can easily take advantage of the convenience and value offered by a home elevator without having to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home. To learn more about popular residential elevator designs and to see your options up close, find an Inclinator dealer near you today.

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