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Inclinator Company of America is an elevator and lift system manufacturer dedicated to reliability and safety. You can find a trusted dealer from coast to coast. Our goal is to serve you with superior residential elevators that address your unique needs, improve mobility throughout your home and keep you safe for the long term. 

About Inclinator

In 1923, C.C. Crispen founded Inclinator Company of America. In 1928, he conceived the first elevator designed for transporting people up and down stairs. After nearly a century, Crispen's invention continues to improve the lives of millions. Inclinator remains a family-owned business that manufactures and installs residential elevators that improve mobility and independence throughout the home.

Today, Inclinator's innovative product line exemplifies craftsmanship and attention to detail among home elevators. You can find Inclinator elevators in more homes than any other brand because people trust our products to keep them safe and enhance the quality of life at home. With service regions throughout the United States, our time-tested elevators are available to you wherever you are.

Homeowners appreciate Inclinator's beauty and reliable performance.

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Architects love the nearly endless design possibilities.

Products and Services You Can Trust

Inclinator takes a turnkey approach to elevator design with varying drive systems, cab styles and gates based on your lift requirements and design preferences. Our private residential elevators can fit in areas as small as closets, ensuring every floor of your home is accessible. With Inclinator dumbwaiters, you and members of your home can also transport groceries, laundry and other heavy items with ease.

While Inclinator home elevators can suit your style and applications, they're all designed with the utmost safety and reliability in mind. Homeowners and architects turn to Inclinator for improved mobility throughout the home, and we ensure this accessibility lasts for years to come. Our dedication to testing and meeting safety standards ensures your home elevator is ready to work safely every day.

We build every product in America and ensure it satisfies strict performance measurements to give you an elevator you can count on. Specialty features offer added safety, while advanced design and construction ensure product longevity. 

Inclinator Company of America has dealers around the country who provide efficient installations that align with all safety practices. These professionals also provide repairs and maintenance as needed to keep your residential elevator running at its best. 

With nearly 100 years in the business, Inclinator is your trusted brand for residential elevators. We ensure every dealer abides by our installation and safety standards so you get the final product you deserve. 

Find a Dealer Near You

Inclinator is an American, family-owned company that reaches all corners of the United States. Our service regions extend to the Pacific Northwest, the Southeast, the Midwest, the East Coast and everywhere in between. With our dealer locator tool, you can find a trusted provider in your area. We manufacture the products, and they provide high-level service.

Looking for assistance on the corporate side? Get in touch with us today and contact us through our technical support or parts department as needed.

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