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Today, Brendan Kirby hit the road meeting Bill and Linda Bohmbach from Home Healthsmith so that we could see firsthand how this great local company is helping people stay in their homes after an injury or age in place longer.

Most people could benefit from including a residential elevator in their home design plans, and the Rhode Island-based Home Healthsmith is working hard to show just how invaluable they can be.

Home Healthsmith helps homeowners identify their mobility needs and the solutions best equipped to meet those needs. Their goal is to provide safe mobility options to families or individuals who are recovering after an injury or looking to age in place, regardless of whether the needs are short or long-term.

Whether you’re on the mend from a recent surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement, or have long-term mobility needs, the company works with customers to ensure they can still function and enjoy their home despite the new challenges they might be facing.

One of these solutions was the inclusion of an elevator, installed and designed to blend seamlessly with the home’s existing décor. The key to the company’s success is their commitment to working with customers and the on-site assessment that follows, along with its own recommendations. Home Healthsmith customizes the elevator according to the ideas and needs of the homeowners, including design, shaft height, and amenities.

Linda and Bill Bohmbach illustrate the kind of care that’s important to have when dealing with people looking to enjoy their homes beyond age, injury, or illness. They work closely with their customers, their customers’ loved ones, and the home itself to address the mobility issues they’re facing competently and compassionately.

Imagine an elevator in your house!? They can do just that!

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