Website Linkage Policy

It is the goal of Inclinator to have hyperlinks from our website to all of our lead-receiving dealers. However, the following policy must be adhered to in order for a dealer’s website to be linked to Inclinator’s website.

  1. Dealer’s website must prominently mention the Inclinator Brand.
  2. Dealer’s website will have only correct, accurate, and current Inclinator product information.
  3. Dealer must make sure that they are displaying current Inclinator images, brochures, planning guides, drawings, photos, and all other Inclinator information.
  4. Dealer’s website will have prominently displayed hyperlink(s) back to the Inclinator site (to home page and/or relevant interior pages).
  5. Dealer must adhere to the Brand Usage Standards policy that is currently published in our Dealer Resources section of the website.

If you want to link your site to ours, please begin to review your site and make changes to comply with this policy. We are available to help you in this regard.

Thank you.