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Iecony Corp

Iecony Corp can handle all your home elevator needs in northeastern New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Iecony is an authorized dealer for Inclinator Company of America®. Since its founding nearly a century ago, Inclinator has been at the forefront of elevator safety and reliability. Iecony Corp can provide expert installation and service for Inclinator elevators and dumbwaiters.

About Iecony Corp

Iecony Corp has been providing exceptional elevator services in New Jersey and beyond since 1975. As a family-owned operation, the company takes pride in offering excellent service and pricing to every customer. Over its nearly half a century in business, Iecony has earned the trust of homeowners throughout the region.

Products and Services

Iecony Corp can install, maintain and repair a wide variety of Inclinator products. Inclinator residential elevators feature a compact design and an assortment of cab, drive system as well as gate and door options. Inclinator dumbwaiters will allow you to transport household items between floors quickly, efficiently and safely.

Safety and Reliability You Can Trust

When you purchase an Inclinator elevator or dumbwaiter, you’ll get a product with a host of safety features. Standard items include code-compliant safety gates, full-time cab monitoring and emergency battery-powered cab lowering and lighting. You can also add options such as door safety guards and light curtains for extra protection. The combination of these features with exceptional craftsmanship ensures reliable, long-lasting performance and fewer repair and maintenance concerns. You can use any Inclinator product in your home with total confidence.

Contact Iecony Corp for All Your Home Elevator Needs

Iecony Corp is located at 378 Liberty St. in Little Ferry, NJ. To get more information or schedule service, give them a call at (201) 641-8181.

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    Inclinator preferred dealer symbol


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