80 Years of Providing Homeowners a Lift

Inclinator Co. of America is a residential elevator company based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Its founder, C.C. Crispen, first developed the home elevator in 1928. This followed his invention in 1923 of a seat that could climb stairs. He called it the “Inclin-ator,” which worked well for straight staircases. He introduced his home elevator (named “Elevette”) as an alternative for homes with winding stairs.
Inclinator is family owned and its products are manufactured and assembled in its south-central Pennsylvania plant. The company handcrafts each elevator individually, which allows builders and homeowners the ability to select car sizes up to 15 sq. ft., with up to three door openings in any configuration. Besides the two lines of home elevators, it manufactures two lines of wheelchair lifts (fiberglass
SpectraLift® and steel Inclinator® VL), commercial dumbwaiters, residential dumbwaiters (Homewaiter®) and stair package lifts.