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All the Ways You Can Customize Your Home Elevator

Many things set Inclinator home elevators apart from the competition, but one of the main ways we delight homeowners and builders alike is with our wide range of customization options.

It’s not boasting when we say that Inclinator elevators are the most customizable in the world – it’s a fact. From drive systems to cab styles and safety features to accessories, there are nearly endless possibilities for configuring Inclinator elevators, so they fit perfectly in every unique home. And each Inclinator home elevator is individually crafted and finished to ensure that every detail is perfect.

So, how can you help your clients design an elevator they’ll love to live with? Let’s take a closer look.

Start with our 3 step design process

Whether you are adding a home elevator to an existing structure or building it into new construction, our knowledgeable Inclinator dealers will lead you through the customization process, step by step. Once you’ve determined shaft size dimensions and other site-specific requirements for installation, customization begins with the elevator cab.

Choose a cab style

Inclinator home elevators are available in six cab styles. Not all cabs will be appropriate for all installations, however; the six styles essentially present different “trim levels,” from the simple and economical 100 Cab to the modern and sophisticated 500 Cab.

All cab styles come with a long list of code-compliant standard safety features and gate or door openings on one or two sides. They are also all compatible with any of Inclinator’s three drive systems.

Choose a drive system

The drive system is the “behind-the-scenes” mechanical equipment that moves the elevator cab through the hoistway. As with our Inclinator home elevator cab options, not all drive systems will be suitable for every application, but understanding a bit about the choices available will help you find the best one for your specific project.

Learn more about how our Cable Drum, Hydraulic, and MRL Overhead Cable Drum drive systems differ from one another in our recent post comparing their individual benefits and tech specs.

Choose gates and doors

As mentioned previously, all Inclinator home elevator cab styles can accommodate one or two openings, with up to 18 possible configurations. Once you’ve determined how many openings will be required for your particular installation, it’s time to select gates and doors.

It’s important to remember that each Inclinator home elevator must have both gates and doors, as gates travel with the elevator cab from landing to landing, while doors are located at each landing to block the hoistway. Gates are available in an array of vinyl laminate, hardwood, acrylic, or aluminum finishes with accordion-style functionality or as an aluminum collapsible style with two metallic finishes. Meanwhile, door styles are usually determined by the homeowner or builder, as they are often chosen to match other room doors in the home.

No matter which you choose, all Inclinator gates are compliant with the updated ASME A17.1-2016 – Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, so owners can have the peace of mind knowing that their elevator features next-generation safety standards.

Customize away

Once the “big three” choices are made for your home elevator’s configuration, the difficult choices are at hand: deciding on interior cab finishes and other accessories! Walls, floors, and ceilings will typically be wood or “wood-look” laminates that we finish in our factory. Of course, we are more than happy to leave interiors unfinished, as well, so they can be customized by a design professional onsite.

Handrails, lights, and operating panels offer even more customization options. All Inclinator home elevators come standard with one flat wood handrail, two LED ceiling lights, and an easy-to-use operating panel and hall stations. All three of these items can be customized to achieve a different, non-standard look – the choice is yours!

Give us a challenge!

Our Inclinator dealers love to work with builders and architects to help homeowners improve accessibility and convenience in their homes. Inclinator home elevators are so flexible and customizable that we believe there’s no residential application they can’t fit. So, get in contact with your most challenging projects, or find a dealer near you, and we’ll be happy to help you build the perfect elevator to meet your needs.

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