The Advantages of an Inclinator™ Serenity Wheelchair Lift

Millions of Americans are faced with mobility challenges that can prohibit their ability to get into or around their own home. Some are forced to turn to care facilities that can accommodate their needs, but most people, when given the choice, would prefer living on their own or staying in their own home. There’s no reason to let something as small as a wheelchair evict you from your own home.

How can a wheelchair lift help me?

Wheelchair lifts, or “vertical platform lifts” (VPL for short) aid those in wheelchairs in accessing their home. Maybe you’ve thought about adding a ramp but there’s just no way for it to come out looking right, and you’re not about to give up your home because of a wheelchair. Adding a wheelchair lift can give you back that freedom and access without forcing you into a situation you’d prefer to avoid, like transferring to a care facility.

Wheelchair lifts like the Inclinator Serenity™ line of VPLs were designed with the end-user in mind. They can be customized to provide the correct platform size and lift height you need to get into your home as quick and easy as possible. And that’s what wheelchair lifts can do: make your life easier.

What Inclinator Serenity has to offer

First and foremost, the Inclinator Serenity is all about freedom and returning it to those with limited mobility. Our line of VPLs was designed to be safe, reliable, and durable because those are the three things that can really improve your quality of life. If it can’t stand up to everyday use, isn’t dependable, or is unsafe, then you’re putting yourself or a loved one at risk. No one wants that, which is why it’s crucial to choose a manufacturer you can trust, and who has a proven track record of adhering to the latest safety regulations and standards—if not one who exceeds them completely.

The beauty of the Inclinator Serenity wheelchair lift is that the standards with which it was built aren’t limited to function alone. We know how important it is to offer these lifts in a look that not only complements your home’s exterior, but is also affordable. Mobility assistance isn’t exclusive to the wealthy anymore, and anyone can have their very own wheelchair lift installed without worrying about sacrificing quality or their safety.

Built to last, the Inclinator Serenity features stunning stainless hardware, resilient polycarbonate side panels, and a maximum lift capacity of 750 lbs. to ensure you’re secure and safe each time you use the lift. You can even choose between AC and DC options; and with the benefit of a three-year warranty, you know we have your best interests in mind.

Each of our wheelchair lifts are easy to install for minimal disruption to your home life, and their modern styling allows them to fit in perfectly with a range of looks. Unlike many other wheelchair lifts, which may evoke feelings of being trapped or confined, the Inclinator Serenity features durable, transparent side panels that are high enough to ensure your safety, without feeling confined. It’s these small details that make the Inclinator Serenity so unique. It doesn’t just deliver function or safety, but the complete package of strength, dependability, and curb appeal.

For those who are probably asking themselves, “wouldn’t building a ramp be cheaper”? More than likely, absolutely; but factor in the construction time/noise, finding someone to build it for you, and the amount of space it takes up, and you realize that ramps can end up being more trouble than they’re worth.  Ramps are required to have one foot of length for every vertical inch required to get to the entranceway.  With an Inclinator Serenity, you have the peace of mind knowing installation will be quick and that the unit features a very small footprint so you won’t have to pull up parts of your garden or flower bed.

Nearly a century after C.C. Crispen invented the world’s first inclined stairway elevator, our goal has been to use our passion for helping those with limited mobility to guide our design principles. We genuinely care about improving your quality of life. If you’d like to know more about the Inclinator Serenity line of vertical platform lifts, contact a dealer in your area today.